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Some Lovely people share their experiences ...



"After being referred to Lindsay I hesitated to contact her as this was not something I had done before.  As my friend mentioned, Lindsay was a ray of sunshine.  At a time in my life when I had been going through a lot of struggles she brought a connection to my journey.  She did a lot of pre-work from a photo I had sent her prior to meeting that I found later to be bang on.  I purposely held back any information to make Lindsay prove herself and she did.  Immediately information about my deceased father that no one could have possibly known was brought forth.  During my reading with Lindsay I was rewarded with accurate information that brought peace, understanding and direction to my life.  I have recommended her to other family and friends and they were impressed with her as well."

                                                     --- Sandra




"Lindsay was referred to me by a good friend. Before even meeting her I knew my experience with her would be a positive one. Lindsay's friendly and serene demeanour immediately put me at ease. I was comfortable opening up to her to let the intuition flow. Her reading of me was accurate and the details were impeccable. She always made sure I understood everything before moving on. I found immense validation from my reading as well as the reassurance and guidance I personally needed to know I was on the right track. She also gave a boost in confidence in terms of my own intuition. Meeting and knowing a like minded individual is a gift. I very much enjoyed my experience with Lindsay. I, without a doubt, would recommend her to anyone! If you want someone who is honest, genuine, and radiates the most beautiful and positive energy, she's the one to seek for a reading!

Thank you Lindsay!

                                --- Colette Barnabe

"All I can say is WOW!  Lindsay really hit the nail on the head!  I'm shocked she got all that from a picture!  The Chakra Reading she emailed to me was very easy to read and understand. And there were several specific personal pieces of information that really knocked me off my chair. Lindsay, thank you for your insight and inspiration! I'm excited about the work I need to do next. No more stalling and putting things off...I'm on it! You have definitely found your calling!"

                                --- Tonia Nolden


"My overall feeling from the Spirit Guide email reading Lindsay did for me was of deep resonance. I felt especially emotional when I read about my past life. It seems so right on and so clear to me how that experience is really playing out in my present lifetime. I felt alot of validation from the reading. I felt as though she got a very accurate snap shot of the challenges that I am facing currently. The additional channelled information at the end of the reading was dead on. Lindsay, thank you for your insight. You definitely have a knack for this work!"

                                   --- Holly Swan 


"Lindsay, you were right on. The Tarot Card reading you did for me via email felt supportive and informative and also very helpful to me. Your reading is definitely as good as any professional reading I have had done in the past. It was very accurate as well.  Also, I wanted to add that your energy is delightful and caring! Thank you!! Blessings!"

                                 --- Aldona Shea


"I am very pleased with the email reading. You have been right on on almost every point. It is also a positive reading and has given me a greater understanding of where I am now and how to move forward. Thank you so much for doing this for me. I wish good things for you on your journey. Namaste."

                                           --- Lynda


"My meeting with Lindsay was a fulfilling experience. She has a beautiful spirit and brings very positive energy in to your space, while providing an abundance of information. I identified with so many points on the notes she came to the meeting with - which was validating from the very start. The meeting lasted until I was comfortable with every question or concern I had and I am so thankful she was recommended to me."

                                       --- Melanie

"Okay, wow, so I am completely blown away by your reading! It is so accurate! The issues and specific health problems you mentioned were all relevant, as were the final notes you had at the end. Overall I feel you did a great job! Thank you so much for the reading!"

                         --- Renee Leverington

Intuitive Counsellor and Medium at




"I was having a hard time making decisions with my business and needed intuitive guidance to help me see the bigger picture. My reading with Lindsay gave me exactly what I needed and more. She tuned into my spirit guide team and brought through amazing clarity and support. The guidance was relatable and to the point - not airy fairy and not vague. Lindsay's reading was very validating and thorough without being overwhelming. She also really 'got me', too, by intuitively identifying my patterns.  When I get intuitive readings, I am never after next steps or being told what to do, but to have someone help me see myself better and see my choices better. I feel that Lindsay intuitively understands those needs because she picked up on plenty of aspects that I hadn't even thought of, but were related. She also intuitively understood what I was after and answered questions before they were asked. Even though it was an email reading, I felt Lindsay was right there with me as if we were having a face to face conversation. Her reading was delivered with love, compassion, kindness and respect and it was whole and it flowed. Lindsay's heart is open and her channel is clear and because of that, she is someone you can trust to go into sacred territory with. There are only a few certain people you can go to that territory with and I believe Lindsay is one of them. Thank you so much Lindsay, and I look forward to continuing working with you."

                                    --- Anni Hayden Lane


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