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My Childhood Friends "The Clairs"

I was a very sensitive child. At least that is what I am told. In fact I am told I was "too" sensitive. Everything affected me. I cried all the time. I bounced off the walls with glee when I wasn't crying. I was hyper aware of what everyone in the room was feeling and thinking, especially the adults. I remember trying to avoid all of the intense feelings so I would sing, or cry, or just cause a general ruckus to break up my overwhelming anxiety. At the same time, at a young age I had started to become a people pleaser.

"The Clairs" are loosely defined as the psychic senses that help an intuitive/psychic tune into the energy of a person, place or thing. Truly, though, all of us have these abilities to one degree or another. We are born with them. Some of us are not bothered by them at all. And some feel plagued by them. I believe these senses are meant to help us all better understand each other. But maybe even more importantly, they are meant to help us understand ourselves. I wanted to share the following paragraphs to give you an introduction to how they work...and to how they worked through me as a child.


I suffered from nightmares on a regular basis. There were many nights when I would wake up from a nightmare about a stranger following me around in my dream, only to find the stranger had followed me right into my bedroom! As the years passed, these strangers started to fade into the background of my wallpaper and my memory. But every once in a while I could still see their shadows, little round balls, patches and streaks of light and dark, moving around the rooms in my house. These experiences were only the beginning.


As I grew, I found I knew things I shouldn't know. I would tell people these things and they would sometimes be angry or shocked. I was sometimes punished. I was often called a liar. In fact, that was partly true. I would lie about how I knew the things I knew because I had no proof and no idea how I knew them. I was telling the truth but usually it was about something uncomfortable. Something that no one would admit to.


In my tween years I remember missing a lot of school. I would get mysterious illnesses that would disappear as quickly as they appeared. I suffered stomach aches, fevers, migraine headaches, nausea, joint pain, nosebleeds, depression. If the person next to me had a cold, I would find myself getting stuffy and sneezy within minutes. If the person next to me was down in the dumps, all of a sudden I was down in the dumps too. At least until I could get some alone time.


From a small child I was drawn to music like a moth to a flame. I remember I could hear music everywhere and in everything! That may not make sense but it was as if everything had it's own song. I took piano lessons and singing lessons when I was old enough. I would hum and make up little songs all the time. As I got older I lost the ability to hear the music in everything but I found I could hear other things instead. I could hear whispers and other sounds. And I could sometimes hear the thoughts of the people around me. I think the thoughts in my own head, which sounded like they came from myself, were the loudest. Sometimes they were nice thoughts and sometimes they weren't. Most of the thoughts, most of the time had my own voice. But sometimes I heard other voices too. Not physically, but internally. It was a long time and a lot of trial and error before I learned what and who belonged to those voices.

I must say though, it wasn't all bad! Honestly, I had some of my best days as a child with nothing but myself and "the clairs" to discover, explore and play with. And since then? Well, I've had a lot of time (and life lessons learned) to develop them into something useful for the people in my life and the new people I meet every day through the readings I offer.

The answers are there! They are often right in front of you. But if you are feeling the answers are just out of your reach, I can reach them for you. That's what I do. ;)

From The Heart,


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